5 Places to Get the Best Pizza in YYC

5 Places to Get the Best Pizza in YYC

Pizza from Niko's in Calgary, Alberta

Photo via @nikosyyc Instagram

If you’re a pizza lover - this one’s for you! Whether you like Greek, Italian or Detroit style, we’ve got you covered - either way, they’re all good and you should definitely check out all five because they’re all delicious in their own unique way! Plus, who doesn’t love pizza? 

1. Noble Pie

Pizza from Noble Pie in Calgary, Alberta

Photo via @noblepiepizza Instagram

If you’ve ever had the chance to grab a Noble Pie, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! These babies sell out, and we mean FAST! They’re located inside Eighty-Eight Brewing and you have to go early to secure your chance of grabbing one. They also offer curbside pick-up for those who would rather take-out a pizza and enjoy it at home. 

2. Posto Pizzeria

A pizza from Posto Pizzeria in Calgary, Alberta

Photo via @postocalgary Instagram

Owned by the infamous Teatro Group is Posto Pizzeria. They have some mouth-watering pizza and a great wine list - can you name a better duo? Didn’t think so. This restaurant is a sure crowd pleaser and great for date nights! Be sure to follow them on social since they routinely have pizza deals! They also offer curbside pick-up, so make sure you check out their menu online! 

3. Niko’s

A pizza from Niko's in Calgary, Alberta

Photo via @nikosyyc Instagram

If you want good Greek pizza (emphasis on GOOD), put some pep in your step and head on over to Niko’s Pizza. Their pizza is good, and we mean GOOD. The cheese goes to the very edge of the pizza and gets all crispy around the edges - did we mention it’s good? Please do yourself a favour and see for yourself how great it is - you won’t be disappointed!

4. Una Pizza & Wine

A pizza from Una Pizza + Wine in Calgary, Alberta

Photo via @unacalgary Instagram

Ah, a true Calgary favourite. Una Pizza + Wine is a great, cozy place to go with friends or on a date. They have delicious thin-crust pizzas and an excellent wine list. If you’re also in the mood for something green, their kale salad is insane. This restaurant is sure to impress!

5. Pow Pizza

Detroit-style pizza from Pow Pizza in Calgary, Alberta

Photo via @powpizzayyc Instagram

Okay, this one’s a little different - have you ever heard of Detroit-style pizza? Well, you have to check it out. They put the sauce ON TOP of the pizza - we know, it’s a little weird but TRUST US, you’ll die and go to pizza heaven. It’s something a little different and it’s delicious - so get outside of your comfort zone and try it!

Let’s be honest, Calgary has some really great pizza places, and these are just five of them - all of which are insanely delicious and sure to impress. So get your vino, get your date or get some take-out (thanks COVID) - we hope you enjoy it!


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